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Over the last decade, I have developed and fine-tuned an extremely effective method of teaching Spanish, which I call the Direct Method. This method is built on an awareness of the unique way each student learns a language. From this basis, and using the large range of material I have gathered, I create a course that has within it an important balance between Structure and Practical Experience.

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Spanish Language Tuition

About Me

I studied Media and Journalism in Venezuela and then went to live in Cyprus to work as a freelance Journalist. I came to London in 1993 to work for the BBC World Service in the Spanish and Latin American Section and for other Venezuelan media. I continue to teach one-to-one Spanish lessons until today and hold a PGCE qualification to teach Spanish from the Institute of Education.
I am proud to have many past students who have pursued their dreams in a Spanish culture (either in Spain of Latin America) after an intensive and enjoyable time learning the language with me.
I have also completed a BA in Fine Art from Central St Martins School of Art and Design.
My background in Media, Journalism and Contemporary Art, together with my natural curiosity and aptitude for learning, is another aspect I bring to my work as a Spanish teacher.
Finally, the understanding and compassion              I bring, together with the commitment and enthusiasm are basic elements that have brought much success to my students over the years, as well as an enjoyable experience of learning a language.

My Approach

Spanish Language Tuition


My years of experience teaching Spanish have taught me that it is possible to learn this language to a proficient level of fluency, in weekly lessons if the student is committed and, above all, if the teacher can create an encouraging atmosphere and an enthusiastic attitude to learning for his/her students.
One of the more important things, when learning a language, is to study it as often as possible each day, even if this is just for 10 minutes. Principally, my lessons give the student the opportunity to learn and consolidate the grammar and importantly to practice this in a direct way in spoken conversation with myself as native speaker of the language. To all this, I offer my skill and intuition, honed from over 16 years of experience as a Spanish teacher. This allows me to judge which materials may be particularly useful for each student, at a given time in their learning process. Apart from the materials, I offer to my students information on a wide range of events happening in London among the Spanish speaking community. Language is about communication and what a better place to practice my lessons in a real situation scenario with native speakers!


I offer one-to-one lessons mainly. I also teach groups of students, the course being tailored according to the needs of each group from children to adults. With my Direct Method I have had huge success with :                                                – Professionals wanting to acquire Spanish as a part of their business needs.                                        – Students at University and Secondary School level (GCSE and A-Level) wanting to increase their mastery of the language in their approach towards exams. Also students wanting to take D.E.L.E. exams.                                                                   – Children who get introduced to the language with immersion classes full of games and fun activities.                                                                            – General Interest. Those simply wanting to learn this language for personal reasons, sometimes for travel , sometimes out of attraction to the rich culture of Spanish speaking countries. The first meeting will consist of a lesson as well as an assessment of your language needs for the structuring of the course. I work mainly from my home. I can also visit at your home or office if you live or work in the North London area. My flexible approach means that you can arrange your lessons anytime during the week. I have limited spaces at weekends, so please ask and I will do my best to find a convenient time for you.

Spanish Language Tuition
Spanish Language Tuition

Group Lessons

Group Lessons
New beginner groups starting soon!
These courses normally star in January, April and September. They are face to face or online and there are either in the morning or the evening every Wednesday.
•Around 15 weeks •small group •include materials
The group is small, materials are included. The length of the course varies according to the time of the year, but it’s at least 15 weeks, which is the right amount of time to achieve a basic level in the language, especially if you are going on holiday to Spain or Latin America in the future, or need some basic language to communicate.
Intermediate and Advance groups continuing….!
There are also intermediate and advance courses running, so please get in touch to get more details.
If you want to book a place please call me on 07985171789 . Places will be allocated on a first-come basis, so please ring me to book a place.


As well as my private lessons, I offer translation and proof-reading work. Not only can I provide a rigourous application of grammar and vocabulary skills, but my background as a journalist allows me to interpret the appropriate style and idiom required. Among the works I have done are translations into Spanish of travel guides, subtitles for TV programmes for the BBC, research documents for MA theses. Lately I have been translating TV documentaries from English into Spanish for the Latin American television network Telesur (English). This work includes building the script in Spanish for the elaboration of subtitles.
Please call me to discuss your project.

Spanish Language Tuition


Spanish Language Tuition

All prices below are for private tuition and conversation classes and include basic materials. I will recommend a course book to the student.

One-to-One general tuition/conversation classes at my home or Skype:
£ 30 (1 hour)
£ 45 (1.5 hours)

One-to-One Intensive Courses for GCSE, A Level and D.E.L.E. at my home or Skype:
£ 40 (1 hour)
£ 60 (1.5 hours)

Group Lessons at my home or in your office:
I normally run three courses of around 16 weeks each starting in January, April and September.
Please contact me for details.

Translations and Proof Reading:
£ 35 per hour

Spanish Language Tuition

One-to-One Intensive Courses

Spanish Language Tuition

GCSE Preparation Courses

Spanish Language Tuition

A Level Preparation 

Spanish Language Tuition

D.E.L.E Preparation Courses

From My Clients

With Spanish Language Tuition, learning spanish has never been so easy.

I am a TV producer and being able to do business in Spain and Latin
America was a key part of my future, with Carolina, within a few
months, I learnt basic Spanish in a very structured way. With solid
base, she allowed me to move to the next level and I am know able to
operate in Madrid or Caracas with confidence. Carolina is  a very
talented teacher, efficient, patient and perfectionist.

Phil Ox

C.E.O, I love television

“I found Carolina by chance (notice at Highgate woods), but what a lucky find. She brought my daughter on in leaps and bounds, and she just got an A* for her GCSE. Now starting A Level, we are really grateful”

Merril Epstein

Muswell Hill

“For me, the hardest part of learning a new language was coming to terms with the fact that I, like many other Brits, hadn’t actually cracked English. For the past two years, Carolina, without showing any frustration or irritation, has changed all that and allowed me to catch-up with English grammar whilst teaching, translating and transferring it into Spanish.
She doesn’t wrap your knuckles or appear exasperated when you make up words, get it wrong or forget homework. She allows you to learn at your own pace, but with a polite and often discreet shove forward. Her learning materials are extensive and never boring. Expect to use every learning tool and instrument imaginable, as her scope is massive. She teaches South American and Spanish vocab and accents, so that you’ll never be limited.
Once you’ve reached conversational level, and you will, you’ll be able to occasionally deviate in your lesson from the books, and chat and gossip about all the Spanish cultures throughout the world, that she has taught you about previously.
Not a day goes by, when I don’t feel proud, elated and smug that I speak another language. I welcome any person, wanting a verbal testimonial, to contact me. I would gladly tell them that learning new languages is vital to life and opens doors to others, and that Carolina is and has been an inspiration.”

Natalia Parris

West Hampstead

“My knowledge of spoken Spanish has improved immeasurably over the year I have had classes with Carolina. Not only is she able to find subjects stimulating for adults, she has also given excellent classes to my teenage daughter to reinforce her Spanish before A level exams.”

Huw Pritchard

Muswell Hill

“Carolina Graterol was my Spanish teacher, on a one to one basis for many years. Her lessons were well planned and varied. She had the ability to control the lesson so that every minute of the hour was filled. Intelligent and well informed on current affairs, she prepared interesting articles on which to base a discussion and was able to direct a conversation whilst remaining in control.She found interesting authors for translation exercises and her comments were helpful and informed. Although I studied with her for many years, her classes remained fresh and non formulaic. She is a lively and enthusiastic teacher.”

Vivien Hilson


Spanish Language Tuition

Resources & Links

 A fine-tuned and extremely effective method of teaching Spanish that help student to learn faster.


Real Academia Española                                                                                                                      Word Reference Dictionary
Translator Dictionary                                                                                                                            Tango and Lunfardo Dicctionary
Spanish Slang                                                                                                                                    Online Spanish Translator


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